Designing a gingham boy’s room: A look at Tom’s bedroom’s calming colors and boho aesthetic

The design of children’s rooms can be so much fun, and this gingham boy’s room is bursting with vibrant flashes of color and texture! Cathy started working on Tom’s big boy room after finishing Josie’s pink bedroom.

Continue reading to learn more about Kate’s boy’s room design, which includes subtle yellow and blue tones, an LED neon light, and a practical toy storage solution.

Mary entered her room remodel with one specific intention in mind: to have fun.

It was crucial that I demonstrated to my fans that designing a boys room can be enjoyable!

“Since Tom started school, I also wanted to give him a room where he could develop and express himself.”

Tom chose several of the pieces himself, contributing significantly more than Josie did. Tom enjoys the color blue, and we had a great time selecting items using this color scheme. He shared his likes and dislikes with me as we sat in front of the computer, which was incredibly helpful.

Giving your child some involvement results in a room they adore and provides them with a learning opportunity.

I felt it was crucial to include the same ideas throughout both rooms while also aiming for their distinct designs. Both children now adore the wallpaper and the neon lights.

“I advise creating a place that is kid-friendly but also one that they can grow into. You wish to create an enchanted environment where your children may unwind and feel content. This room is Tom’s obsession, which makes me extremely pleased.

Tom’s decisions were a major influence, but other factors were also important in remodeling his bedroom.
I was certain that I wanted a minimalistic bohemian look with lots of rattan furniture and soothing colors.

Tom required a new mattress. His cot, which he used until he became a toddler, was his prior bed.

Tom need a ton of toy storage, so that was a requirement. Additionally, I enjoy interchangeable parts that may be changed to fit the wearer’s interests!

Additionally, the LED neon name lights provided the ideal venue for the introduction of something unique.

“For these rooms, I drew a lot of inspiration from the personalities of my children. Pinterest and other Instagram bloggers were also fantastic sources of inspiration!

Without all the tiny businesses and their inventive components that made this space come together, this room would also not exist! This was a wonderful chance to support a small business—we love doing that!