title:Are You A Good Candidate For Distance Lear
author:Shaan Randow
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09
If you have the self-determination and drive to listen well and study harder then you can learn in a live university or an online school. But some people seem better suited than others for distance learning programs. Researchers have found that one of the factors that contributes to an effective distance learner in addition to the ability to work hard is their personality type.
Their studies have discovered that people who have the ability to get their energy from inside sources are generally better candidates for online learning. It’s effective in distance learning because most of your learning time is spent working and studying alone. So if you have trouble with that you may have problems in getting an online degree.
If your personality type will allow you to learn and grow on your own then you are ready to consider distance learning to get a technical certificate or online degree. Your next steps are to consider your purpose for undertaking an online learning program.
Is it to benefit your career growth, are you thinking about changing careers, or do you simply want the fulfillment of your lifelong goal to get a college education. These are the most common goals of successful distance learning participants and if you share these goals then online learning may be right for you.
Okay, you know you have the personality type to learn online and you have goals that will help you to be motivated to succeed. Now what? You get all your paperwork ready so that you can determine whether you have to start from scratch or whether those two years of community college can be applied to your online degree program. Many programs will also give you up to 25% of the total credits required for your online degree foe your work and life experience in a related field so update and refine your resume to reflect this experience.
For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Next you need to find a university or college that offers your program of study. There are hundreds of accredited online degree granting schools in the country, over 750 at last count, to choose from. Contact the school and find out their admissions policy and any regulations that you have to meet. Their response and their website should tell you a lot about how organized their programs are and whether you think it will match your online aspirations.
Then gather up all of the responses and compare them using your own criteria as a guide. Talk to friends and relations that you trust and then make a decision. You will soon find out if the online campus life is for you and hopefully it will be the right step to getting an online degree and creating a better life for yourself and your family.

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