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Domus Academy features qualified Design Master Courses in Italy in: Design, Fashion Design, Urban Management & Architectural Design, Interactive Design, Interior and Living Design, For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Business Design, Accessories Design and Transportation Design.
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The Design Master Courses in Italy are the basis of Domus Academy training activity. Structured as post-graduate courses, according to the traditional formula of DA training, they address young graduates and professionals coming from different disciplines. The admission process to Domus Academy Master courses depends on a selection made on the basis of the curriculum vitae and portfolio of projects. All through the academic year, each student will have the opportunity to get in touch with some of the most stimulating professional realities of the Italian and international landscape under the guidance of a staff of designers, consultants, visiting professors and tutors.
Beyond Master Courses, DA proposes a wide range of Summer Courses organized in two sessions. The first session is branded by DA and the second one is co-branded with Central Saint Martin’s School of London.
The first session (Industrial Design, Fashion Trends and Marketing Strategies, Accessories Design and Creative Management) lasts from the 3rd to the 14th of July, the second one from the 18th to the 28th of July (Fashion Design, Product Design, Interior design e Graphic design). These courses represent the opportunity to first approach the design world and then to evaluate the possibility to apply for a one year Master Course. Domus Academy also offers short courses in field of Interior Design and Art workshops.
Domus Academy was born in Milan in 1982 as an open project around the Italian design and fashion experience. During the years, DA also asserted its importance as a school, in the full meaning of the term: a place of post-graduate training and research laboratory on the processes of industrial creativity, on the aesthetic and consumption scenarios, on space and time relationship, on the form of public and private services and on the radical changes deriving from the diffusion of the “Web”. Strongly rooted in Italy, Domus Academy works in an international perspective, in order to enrich, spread and update the design culture, creating connections between advanced knowledge and visionary project.
Through Domus Academy Research and Consulting, DA develops also professional research and Consultancy activities.
DARC is a research and professional consulting center that since 1985 has been developing design researches and projects for companies, public and private associations and international research institutes.
The DARC’s original design approach is based on an updated vision of the Italian design culture, which considers design as an integrated activity able to perceive signals of the transformation of the society and of the markets, and translates them into new products and strategies of corporate innovation.
DARC explores and grows competences in new territories of design through activities of basic research and provides consultancy to the management of companies, to internal Design groups and to Research & Development groups in the following areas: advanced design and scenarios, soft architecture, brand culture and integrated communication, service design, identity of materials and interactive media.

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