DPMNY Do You Know How To Vacuum?


Vacuuming seems like a very simple task. But are you sure that you are doing it correctly? You probably aren’t.

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You are probably reading this and thinking, “Of course I know how to vacuum.” After all, how hard is vacuuming. You turn your vacuum on and move it around the room. Simple, right? Well if you want to vacuum efficiently, it isn’t quite that easy. This article will tell you how to vacuum your carpet properly so that you remove the maximum amount of soil.

Improper Vacuuming
Before I tell you how to vacuum, I will tell you how not to vacuum. Most people vacuum in a W pattern. They move the vacuum forward and then back at an angle. The problem with this is that your vacuum does not vacuum well on the forward pass. It is much more efficient on the backwards stroke. So the typical W pattern of vacuuming only exposes about half of the carpet to the more effective backwards stroke.

Another common vacuuming mistake is rushing through it. When you go too quickly over your carpet, you are missing much of the soil that could be removed. Slow down and get the job done right.

Proper Vacuuming

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