title:Good Distance Learning Study Habits
author:Norman Flem
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09
Learning at home has a great many benefits like the ability to learn whenever and wherever you like. But distance learning is still getting an education and that means paying attention to the course material and presentations you receive online, and also the hard part of studying and doing your homework and assignments.
In order to be successful you will have to learn to avoid the day-to day distractions that exist in your current living arrangements and you will also need to develop good distance learning study habits. You need to create a routine and environment that is conducive to learning and the time and space to study and learn.
The basics of creating good distance learning study habits start with your physical surroundings. Your study space needs to be well-lit and ventilated and it also needs to be as free as possible from outside distractions like people, telephones, loud music and the greatest distraction of all, television. You wouldn’t let your kids do their homework in front of the big, blinking screen, so why do you think that you can learn while you are watching your favorite soap opera or reality show?
Create a special place in your home for your distance learning study program. It can be your kitchen if that is separate from the rest of your house. It can be your rec room or a newly cleaned storage area. It can also be your living room, as long as you turn off the television. As long as it is clean, uncluttered, and quiet it will work for you and your studies.
If you have enough room in your house or apartment then you might wish to consider purchasing a desk and organizing it so that you have everything you need near at hand and all in one place. Then find a good chair with strong support for your back as you listen and learn. It should be comfortable enough to study in, but not too comfortable that you want to take a nap. That comes after you have done your work. Organize all of your supplies and material around you and you are ready to get to work.
For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. You also need to organize your time in order to develop good distance learning study habits. Set aside regular times to go online for your lessons unless they are pre-scheduled and allow for adequate time to study and complete assignments. Stick to your routine religiously unless an emergency happens and tell everyone, especially your friends that you will be unavailable during this period of time. Follow the basics to create a distance learning program that fits your life and your schedule and you will be well on the way to a productive and successful distance learning program.

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