Have a question in mind? Then w
hy not try brainbashing.
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If you are looking out for answers from different people
for your question lingering in your mind, then there is no better place
than brainbashing.
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At brianbashing.com, getting answers to your questions is as
simple as drinking a cup of tea. This is because as soon as you post your
question, members on the site will read it and attempt to answer the
question in case they have knowledge about it. You may even receive
answers from experts in a particular field. Take the example of a finance
question that you have in your mind. You have bought shares at a
particular price and you are confused in which way the market will grow. You
want to know whether you can sell your shares right now or sell them in
the future to get more profit. Hence you can post a question regarding
the same and get excellent answers from experts. However you should
remember that the people who answer are not liable for any means for any
losses or injury suffered by you when you act on their answers. Hence you
are the best judge as to which answers you can act on.
Registration on brainbashing is very simple. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. You just have to create a
unique user name, password and enter your email. Once you fill in these
details, you become a member of the site. However you can also post in
questions leaving the name as anonymous. You can post a question in
any category you want. It is better to post the question in the relevant
category as there are some users who want to answer questions only in a
particular category. Hence a doctor, who is a member of the site would
like to go the health section more often and answer health related
questions. Likewise you can even answer questions posted by others. You
can give your views and even provide factual information. If you fin a
particular question interesting you can even send it to your friend. In
case you want to answer the question later on, you can simply mark the
question into your account to answer at a later stage.
You will find that many students have also joined the site. This is
because students are hungry for knowledge and they have a tendency to ask
questions related to science, mathematics, etc. On brainbashing they
can discuss questions with other people as well till they get the right
and most appropriate answer. In case you are looking for synonyms or
antonyms for a particular word, you can simply enter it on the site. Once
you enter the word, you will get a long list of antonyms as well as
synonyms. The site also proves to be reliable in terms of thesaurus,
online dictionary ,etc. The “Did you know” part on the home page is very
interesting. Whenever you log on to the site you can see a new entry. For
example, the largest squid ever caught weighed 4,000 kgs. People find
such facts very interesting.
Brainbashing also gives away prizes to individuals that sign up to the
monthly newsletter, no input needed, just read the newsletter and see
if you are a winner of that months prize.

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