title:Here Is One Time Students Would Welcome
an Audit…
author:Robert Crawford III
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09
If you are a college student approaching graduation you not only need an audit but you should inquire about an official audit of your classes from your academic department. This audit may not be necessitated by someone who has just completed a tax form, but it is critical for a student who is considered to be at a junior or senior status in college. The official audit can be completed by your campus Registrar’s Office, Academic Advisor or your Academic Department. These audits are generally advised for incoming freshmen to insure they remain on track and up to graduation, but they are crucial for juniors and senior students who are approaching graduation. The request for this audit will provide vital information and allows several key factors conducive to completing your college degree. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. The audit…
1. Insures that the major or minor selection you have chosen is correct and corresponds with the curriculum guide of the catalog year you enrolled in college.
2. Allows the student to distinguish all courses taken including previous grades and transfer grade information that is applicable to the declaration of major.
3. Provides information on the minimum requirements of the major sought to complete the degree.
4. Provides the total hours taken that is applicable to the degree.
5. Provides advisor information needed in contacting your department.
6. Form also allows you to see your current GPA at the time the audit was completed.
7. Allows the student to review and retake classes that he or she may have received a deficient grade in.
8. Provides a time for the advisor, professor and student to revisit any classes that may have erroneous information in the grading process applied to a student’s audit form.
9. Inquiries may be addressed with your Department Advisor, the Registrar’s Office or your Department Chair.
10. Finally, allows students to see a clear picture of what they have completed and what needs to be completed and addressed before graduation.
The information above allows the student to keep track of the classes he or she has taken and to address any issues that could cause a delay in completion of degree or coursework. This is one time that students will welcome an audit.

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