title:How To Prepare Great Homeschool Lesson Plans
author:L. D. Mairet
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09
A key factor to preparing great homeschool lesson plans is realizing that all lesson plans are not “set in stone”. Meaning that you do not have to follow a lesson plan word by word. A lesson plan should be used as a guide to help in your teachings.
Another key factor in preparing great homeschool lesson plans is realizing that yes, sometimes, your lesson plans may fail. It is what you learn from that failure that helps you to prepare future excellent homeschool lesson plans. If something doesn’t work for your child, analyze it, find other ways to teach the same objective.
Get your child involved in lesson planning time with you! Set a time to go over next weeks lesson plans with your child. Tell your child what objectives you need to meet next week in each core subject area. Find out what your child wants to learn about in that area. Ask them to help pick and choose the activities that they will be learning. Not only is this great for you because your child helps while you are preparing lesson plans, but it is good for your child as well because they feel empowered over their education. Your child will be more interested in school time by helping prepare lesson plans with you.
Don’t be scared to get off the subject! For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Be flexible in your lesson plans. If you are teaching your child and your child gets interested in a subtopic that you are teaching, go with the flow! For instance, your objective today in science is to teach your child about 3 different types of spiders. As your teaching this objective, your child becomes very interested in “Why spiders have eight legs?” Instead of telling your child “that’s not what we are learning about today”, why not learn about it today? This is when they are interested in it, right now. Not later, but now. Stop what you are doing and start learning. You can always go back to the three types of spiders at a later time or another day.
Always keep your child in mind while preparing lesson plans. You know your child best. Adapt prepackaged lesson plan and curriculum to meet your childs needs and interests. Teach your child the way they want to be taught, not the way you want to teach.
If you incorporate these stategies into your lesson plans you will find that your child should gain more interest in their activities ans lessons. You may get a little relief with your preparation as well. Everybodies happier and ready to learn!

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