Weight Loss Success

This article was originally written by Gary Gresham

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Weight loss success requires staying inspired and sometimes giving your weigh loss plan a tune-up. Drinking more water and eating smaller portions are effective but boring.
Much of weight loss success really depends on your attitude. Staying positive just takes a little creativity and some diet strategy to keeping your mind and body motivated.
Here are a few calorie cutting tricks that should help you lose weight and keep the boredom away.
It takes your brain about 20 minutes to register that your stomach is full. To slow down your eating process, try eating nuts that require cracking or grapefruit that must be peeled and sectioned.
Think of your weight loss diet plan as a way of eating more veggies that can in turn create a waistline friendly result that will make you smile.
Have an appetizer before your meal. Just be sure it is low-calorie and contains a lot of water, like soup or fiber, like salad. This will help you eat less over all. Remember to choose carefully and beware of cheese and high-fat dressings.
Try something exotic once a week. Something that is not familiar to you. Maybe a guava (112 calories per cup) or jicama (49 calories per cup). People don’t tend to over eat unfamiliar foods.
As you begin, taste and savor every bite. This slower eating experience will reacquaint you with the pleasure of eating, which is important when you’re consuming less.
Downsize your plates and bowls. By eating on smaller dishes it may help you consume less food. Researchers from Cornell University served snack mix in two different size bowls. A large one and a smaller one. The study showed that subjects took 53 percent more snack mix from the larger bowl.
In a second study at the University of Illinois at Urbana, juice was served in two different size glasses. One was short and wide and the other tall and skinny. Both glasses held the same amount of juice but the subjects who drank from the tall and skinny ones (which looked larger) poured themselves less juice.
Balance every meal with a serving of vegetables. Vegetables fill you up so you don’t tend to go back for second helpings.
And last but not least, make an accomplishment list at the end of each day. It will help you track what is and isn’t working in your diet. It will also help to acknowledge each success that will eventually lead to more.
With a little planning, choosing the right foods and becoming aware of portion sizes you can obtain the weight loss success you desire. Remember anything is possible if you believe it can happen.
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