What Do You Know About Depression?

This article was originally written by Glenn Ford

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Most people do not take depression seriously enough. They only start paying attention when it is already too late. In fact, to start with, very few recognize the fact that it is a disease like any other. They are not aware that clinically it even has a name. It is known as major depressive disorder.
The general feeling in those who surround persons suffering from depression has always been that it is not a real disease with a real name. The strong conviction in most is that persons suffering from depression are well able to do something about it using their personal will. The feeling is that they have the power and ability to “snap out of it.” Hence the frequent annoyance and frustration quite often displayed by those living with loved ones suffering from depression and depression-related symptoms.
The result is that they never pay attention to the tale-tale signs when the depression has reached dangerous levels. They do not even see them coming and are therefore o very little if any help to the patient.
Understanding the Disease
Understanding depression or major depressive disorder is therefore an extremely important and necessary first step in its treatment and long-term management. The fact of the matter is that depression is a very serious disease and like any other disease, needs to be treated. Failure to seek treatment will only make things worse and can end up in fatal and tragic consequences.
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What is Depression?
The whole process of understanding starts with a deep appreciation of what exactly depression is. Medically speaking it is an imbalance of brain chemicals along with a number of other related factors.
Further evidence that the depression condition is a disease and is recognized as such by the medical profession can be found in the fact that it is mostly treated using medication. The treatment is usually a combination of medication and non-medication methods. For instance, psychotherapy or talk therapy is frequently used as a key part of the treatment on a patient who has been diagnosed as suffering from depression.
After Treatment, The Hard Work Starts
One of the most challenging aspects of depression is the fact that after treatment, the disease needs to be managed over a long period of time. It has to be carefully managed for virtually the rest of the life of the patient. The objective here is to minimize or completely eliminate the possibilities of recurrence. This is accomplished using a combination of medication and strict doctor’s order to avoid situations that bring about stress and agitation on the side of the patient.
Understanding the disease and its treatment is critical in managing depression after the major part of the treatment is complete.

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