title:Golden Years and Tears
– Pension In One Hand And Out With The Other
author:Kacy Carr
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09
The Golden years a time in all our lives where we look forward to retirement, long gone are the days when pensioners were in their prime.
Now the prime candidates for the government’s new ruling of raising retirement to the ripe old age of 67. How many of the golden oldies will make it down to the local post office to collect their pensions.
What happened to the days when grandparents sat you on their lap and told funny stories of their child hood?
Kiddies of the 21st century now listen to tales of woe of how life was a struggle or the pain suffered because the list for a hip replacement was as long as your arm. Sometimes it makes you wonder why our children today are full of so much anger and hate, when the stories told do not fill them with laughter just sadness.
Turned are the golden years into olden years more like where old timers are liberated to do as they please. Do what? Have you ever tried skiing on a For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Zimmer frame or sky diving with a pacemaker?
Slave Labour (excuse the pun) slavery went out with the ark or so we believed but is back with vengeance.
For e.g. the government took measures to protect pensioner from the freezing winter by giving a heating allowance only to take it back forcing them to hobble through blizzards to work some more. Compassion is far from their thoughts when enforcing new laws. These governing bodies certainly know how to take the living out of life of all human beings.
The days and dreams of ever attempting a dare devil stunt for all golden oldies (pensioners) will forever remain a memory. To have lived their lives in the fast lane will always be in their thoughts.
I hasten to add it is never too late to sit the kiddies on your lap once again and fill them with knowledge on how to get the best out of life under the jurisdiction of others.
There will always be rules/regulations that we as a nation are not happy with, so what can we do about it? In some cases choices are zilch, so on with the thermals to clock on for another eight hour shift.
But for those still in their prime give them the opportunity to live your dream for you.
Children in the twentieth century are going to struggle like that of the old days without an education. To be able to succeed or cope in this world then knowledge is a necessity. Members of parliament are where they are today because they furthered their education to their own advantage, if that’s what it takes for a child to have life put back into living then act now.
There are many active pensioners who this article is not personally directed at but for those who are tired, then I say take heed all political members and let the golden oldies enjoy what ever little time they have left on this planet so they can go prune their roses.

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